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Engineering Technology выполняет работы по направлениям: Охранно-Защитные Дератизационные Системы (на оборудовании OZDU - Россия) и Система Палатной Сигнализации (на оборудовании MediCall - Чехия). Engineering Technology OÜ based in Tallinn, Estonia, searches for partners interested in implementation and use of fundamentally new deratization equipment – Intrusion protection rodent systems (IPRS). This system was created based on patented the device “OZDU M-D-333” recommended to use the Resolution Chief Sanitary Inspector of the Russian Federation № 27 dated August “On measures for rodent control and prevention of natural foci, especially dangerous infectious diseases in the Russian Federation” in the epidemiologically important objects of the Russian Federation regardless of ownership. In accordance with the above Regulation not be operated facilities, the population of rodents, which are epidemiologically more than acceptable rate (0.5 individuals per 1000 square meters). Engineering Technology OÜ is one of the few companies working in the Russian Federation, the expertise, equipment and experience in installation of protection with rodent systems (IPRS).